The Lubavitch Junior Boy's School became an academy on April 1st 2018. The school joined the Lubavitch Multi-Academy Trust along with 2 other schools, Lubavitch Senior Girls' School and Lubavitch Junior Girl's School. 

Lubavitch Multi Academy Trust Key Personnel 2020-21


Members                                          Bill Holledge (from 13/1/20)      

                                                            Jan Tallis (from 13/1/20)

                                                            Pesach Efune (from 1/4/18)

                                                            Yeremyia Angyalfi (from 1/4/18)



Trustees                                            Fiona Bulmer (from 1/4/18) Chair from (2/12/19)            

                                                            Bill Holledge (from 13/1/20)

                                                            Daniel Duboy (from 1/4/18)

                                                            Jan Tallis (from 13/1/20)

                                                            Michael Wemms (from 13/1/20)

                                                            Sholem Ber Sudak (from 2/12/19)

Hadasa Korer (from 29/4/20)

Kevin Hogarth (from 29/4/20)


Interim Chief Executive Officer             G Hadlow (from 1/9/20)


Headteachers                                 H Freeman  - Senior Girls

                                                            S Isaacs – Junior Boys and Primary Girls


Accounting Officer                               G Hadlow (from 1/9/20)


Chief Financial Officer                          A Jacobs (from 1/4/20)


Lubavitch MAT Governance Structure September 2020


Lubavitch MAT Governance



Bill Holledge

Jan Tallis

Rabbi Efune

Rabbi Angyalfi




Fiona Bulmer 


Vice Chair

Hadasa Korer


Jan Tallis

Bill Holledge

Michael Wemms

Kevin Hogarth

Rabbi Dubov

Rabbi S Sudak




Clerk to Trustees

Stephen Ross, Clerk Associates







Interim CEO Geoff Hadlow

 Accounting Officer Geoff Hadlow   

Business Manager Ava Jacobs


Head Teacher of Senior School Helen Freeman

 Head Teacher of Primary Schools Steven Isaacs

Head of Kodesh Senior Girls Golda Junik 


The Trustees can be contacted via the clerk



Register of Interests  

Download signed individual statements here.

A brief statement from each trustee can be found here 



Academy sponsor: The Lubavitch Multi-Academy Trust  

Certificate of Incorporation 

Scheme of Governance and Delegation


LSGS Proprietors: Lubavitch UK 
Lubavitch House, 107-115 Stamford Hill, London, N16 5RP 

The Lubavitch MAT is a  Private Limited Company by guarantee without share capital use of 'Limited' exemption. There are 5 Members and 7 Trustees - the registered office is 107-115 Stamford Hill, London, United Kingdom, N16 5RP (Trustees details are available at


Annual reports and accounts

The accounts can be found here

Attendance at Board meetings 2019-20 can be found here



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